Minerva Rises

Downtime 1

This will be updated with the activities of the group during the first downtime, when decided upon.

However, a day after you arrived, you each receive an email.

Dear Sir/Madam of Division EI0302F;

This message is notification that you are currently being charged with the following offences;

All Members;
1 Count of Unauthorised Entry in UIG Property – Minus 1 Rank Point
1 Count of Insubordination & Insult to a UIG Member of Staff – Minus 2 Rank Points

Further for Miss Alice Eurosita,
1 Count of Assault upon a UIG Member of Staff – Minus 3 Rank Points.

You have exactly 7 days in order to report to a member of the UIG staff and explain the situation, or we will assume guilty, and deduct the required points from you.

This will drop you to Rank 0 Agents, and render any licenses that require you to be Rank 1 invalid.


Captain Paige Hamilton,
Area Executive, Rank 6,
Venus UIG Branch.

UIG – United International Government.



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