Minerva Rises

Episode One - Part 1: An Explosive Meeting

"What the hell do you mean they’ve disappeared?!" Frazer Gabel slammed his hands on the table, knocking his computer tablet flying as he did. He loomed over the messenger, his cybernetic eyes bright blood red with rage, but his pristine black suit and perfect slicked back hair refused to budge.

The young messenger remained calm as Frazer covered him with flecks of spit. "They…well, their ship exploded, and they were gone. Life signs all disappeared shortly before the explosion. Mr Gabel Sir. The Captain of the ESS Poseidon received the group’s S.O.S. at 15:13 ET that a rogue A.I. had blown the engines, and the Pilot was down. Captain Riley responded as protocol, and informed them it would take approximately 30 minutes to arrive. At 15:26 two of the three escape pods were ejected, empty, and the third at 15:32 the third was ejected containing the pilot, and a message from Agent Eurosita. At approximately the same time objects were being pushed out of the loading bay, we now believe this to the Cargo they were carrying. At 15:40, The ESS Poseidon received a message from Agent Leslie that the ship was about to explode, the life signs then disappeared shortly after, followed by the ship rupturing and exploding."

Frazer looks gob smacked at the messenger. "You’re fucking kidding me. I want a full status report as soon as the debris is sifted through. Do we regain any of that cargo? I knew we could trust those idiots on this mission. It was a simple bloody shipment mission, through safe space, and they managed to blow up the ship!"

The messenger nodded, "The debris is currently being examined as we speak, and we managed to retrieve 3 crates of the Cargo after they were ejected in varying directions from the explosion. The Captain and his crew are being… 'debriefed' regarding this as well. The memo that was found on the Pilot was interesting though. It appears to imply that the rogue A.I. was an Archon, and they are following it to take it down. It was brief, and appeared rushed."

Mr Alden leaned forward at this point, "A rogue Archon, on that ship? Why on Earth would it be on that ship?"

Frazer sighed and slumped in his chair again, "It could explain why they apparently disappeared. We have no idea what those bloody things can do. Teleportation or whatever the hell it was is not built into the Ai-Jinn tech either… oh shit; we’re going throw some money at those Chinese bastards to keep this quiet as well."

Mr Alden tapped out a note or two on his computer "I’ll be bringing this up with the U.I.G."

A final figure spoke from the shadow of the room, "You’ll do no such thing Mr Alden. If we can get control of an Archon, it will put us in a very very powerful situation. In the meantime, keep this quiet, and we will see what my daughter and her team can produce. Start producing security sweeps across all our available facilities. If worst comes to worst, we can merely terminate the team. That is all"

The three other men nodded, and silently walked out the room. As the door closed behind them, Frazer swung towards the messenger, and grabbed him by the throat. Mr Alden didn’t turn, but carried on walking.

"You disgusting little shit. You’ll never bring me such news again!" The messenger trembled and nodded as best he could. "Y…yes, o…of course."

Frazer snarled, and clenched his hand slightly. A blade shot out of his wrist, severing the boy’s neck, letting his now headless body drop to the floor. "Yes Sir, you miserable worm."

Mr Alden smiled as Frazer briskly caught up with him, and produced a clean white handkerchief. "You always make such a mess Frazer." Frazer merely grunted as he started to dab his suit clean of blood.



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