Minerva Rises

Episode One - Part 2: An Explosive Meeting

- Transcript of phone conversation between UIG Staff, Captain Paige Hamilton & Sgt Sebastian Shuster -

[Capt. Hamilton] Sgt Shuster , please confirm the details of the incident again that occurred 2 days ago.

[Sgt Shuster] Of course Sir. The offending party teleported into the complex, without prior-authorisation, and when our offices acted as protocol, the offending party attacked me and my men, and fled…

[Capt. Hamilton] My men and I Sgt

[Sgt Shuster] Sorry?

[Capt. Hamilton] You said me and my men. It should be my men and I.

[Sgt Shuster] Are you sure?

[Capt. Hamilton] Positive. I did a brief English degree a few months back.

[Sgt Shuster] Fair enough. The offending party attacked my men and I, and then fled the building.

[Capt. Hamilton] How many people were injured?

[Sgt Shuster] Only myself, I was shot in my main hand shoulder. I have received medical attention, it is nothing major.

[Capt. Hamilton] Very good. And do we have identities of the culprits?

[Sgt Shuster] Yes, they are a known group from Eurasian Incorporated, containing Miss Alice Eurosita, Miss Alex Leslie, Miss Cara Drake and Mr Luc LeBlanc. The fifth member of their team, Mr Vitali Grozni, was not with them.

[Capt. Hamilton] Oh shit, that group?

[Sgt Shuster] Yes, is that going to be an issue?

[Capt. Hamilton] No, no. Nevertheless, in light of their actions, they have exactly 7 days until to explain the situation, or they will all be deducted ranked points for the following offences; for all members of the division, 1 count of unauthorised entry, -2 points and 1 count of insubordination, -1 point. For Miss Eurosita, 1 count of harming a UIG member of staff, a further -3 points. If these are not explained before the end of the time period, each member of the group will be deducted the appropriate points, placing them all as Rank 0 Agents. This will also revoke any relevant licenses from the division that they are not eligible. Does this seem fair Sergeant Major?

[Sgt Shuster] It seems a little low. Is something wrong?

[Capt. Hamilton] In all honesty, I’d be surprised if we get away with those charges on that group. Still, we need to ensure we’re not bullied by the E.I.

[Sgt Shuster] Okay, thank you.

[Capt. Hamilton] That is all. Good luck with your recovery.

- End Transcript -



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