Luc LeBlanc

French/Japanese Medic sold to and raised by Eurasian Inc.

Stats Skills
Strength 7 Arts and Culture 0
Endurance 5 Assess Tech 5
Agility 6 Athletics 5
Reflexes 6 Attitude 3
Perception 13 Business 2
Intelligence 9 Close Combat 7
Presence 8 Computers & A.I. 8
Corp. Knowledge 4
Crime 1
Cybernetics & Robotics 3
Drive 0
Heavy Firearms 0
Light Firearms 3
Looking Good 5
Lying & Acting 1
Mechtronics 4
Medicine 7P
Observation 5
Pilot 0
Psychology 1
Science 8
Stealth 7
Street Culture 0
Support Weapons 0
Tactical Firearms 8


  • Anascan Primary Enhancement (+1 Perception)
  • Anascan Telemetric Vision x2 (+2 Perception)
  • Anascan ‘Eternity’ Recorder (Allows recording and transmitting of user’s experiences)
  • Anascan Reticle Eye (+2 to hit with all modified weapons)
  • Anascan Range Targeter (+2 to hit with thrown weapons)
  • Anascan Night Vision
  • Anascan Heat Vision
  • Gemini Myotic Restructuring (+1 Str)
  • Gemini Stealthskin (+4 Stealth)
  • Gemini Toughskin x2 (+2AV)
  • Krieg Electrocosmetics (+1 Looking Good)
  • Liberty Black Body Space (-10 to find anything inside)
  • Reaver Alloy Skull (+1AV, +3HP)
  • Reaver Arm Defender (+1AV)
  • Reaver Body Plate x2 (+2AV, -1Agi)
  • Reaver Cyberleg x2 (+1 Agi, +1 Str)


  • Multiple Defence
  • Hacking
  • Gun Melee (Keep Defence when using guns in Close Combat)
  • Mastered Weapon: Shotgun (Add XS to Shotgun Damage)
  • Dual Weapon Fighting: Tactical Firearms (Use two Tactical Firearms without penalty)


  • Corporate R&D l6
  • Medical Research l2
  • Hackers l6
  • UIG Police Force l1


  • Medical
  • Biohazard / Toxic
  • Tactical Firearms
  • Bounty
  • Law Enforcement
  • Light Firearms
  • Non-powered Melee


  • Crossbow (1, D6, +2 to hit, Ignores HI Shield, Poisonable)
  • Shotgun x2 (1, 2D10 / 3D10, +2 to Hit, +6 to Hit within 5m, Ignores 2AV, Random Severing, 1 Mashing)
  • Plasma Sniper Rifle (2, 2d6+3, 2D8+3 in Venus Atmosphere, +2 to hit)
  • Laser SMG (1, 6D8, +2 to hit)
  • Pistol (3, D8)

Misc Equipment

  • Medical Toolkit
  • Handcuffs
  • ID Chip Scanner
  • PDA
  • Hackers Computer
  • ID Badge
  • Reusable Toxin FIlter
  • Ion Wall Generator
  • 3 IV Medpacks
  • 2 Lambanic Acid Bolts
  • 1 Canister Autolamine
  • 1 EMP Grenade
  • 4 KO Darts
  • 1 Dose Devilfish (+3 Physical) (IV)
  • 1 Dose Psychore (+2 Physical) (IV)
  • 2 Doses Ti-Skin (+2AV, +1 Regen) (IV)
  • 2 Doses Neurapromine (+3 Reflexes) (IV)
  • 2 Doses Psychore (+2 Physical)
  • 3 AV Bugs

Armor / Shields

  • Reinforced Suit (+1AV) (Wearing)
  • Combat Helmet (+1AV) (Wearing)
  • Light Armor (+2AV) (Wearing)
  • Insulated Field Shield (30HP, EMP Immune) (Equipped)
  • Field Shield (20HP) (Equipped)
  • Flak Jacket (+1AV)

Registered Credits: 0
Slip Credits: 65

Current Experience: 0
Total Experience: 71
Rank Points: 18


The Sins of the Father

Kurono Seiya had ‘left’ the Ai-Jinn with love as a pretext. Even married to his French wife, fleeing his former masters for years and helping E.I. as a mercenary for a great deal of that time, it had taken considerable time to earn their trust enough to become an Agent again. Most likely, it was testament to Eurasian’s single-minded pursuit of assets more than Seiya’s deceptive skills that led to his success.

A fugitive from the Ai-Jinn, he had the perfect excuse to never be seen in near them and thus never to meddle in their affairs. Thus, it mightn’t come as a surprise to anyone capable of looking past corporate profits long enough to remember who the Ai-Jinn actually are, that there was an ulterior motive at play. For fifteen years Seiya leaked E.I. secrets of various worth to the Yakuza and was then discovered.

In the interests of good taste, we shan’t go into the nature of the penalty levied personally against Seiya. Suffice it to say that he was never seen again.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Eurasian Incorporated were displeased with the Ai-Jinn for their infiltration, or even that the Ai-Jinn were vexed by the manner in which one of their finest Agents was disposed of. It certainly didn’t help that Seiya’s wife was currently carrying his child. Perhaps more pertinently, few within the UIG were particularly excited at the idea of an all out war between two Corporations.

Thus, with the aid of a UIG officer with a more… flexible view of the world than most, negotiations began. There remains no official record of the result of these negotiations, nor of the identity or fate of Seiya’s wife. Eurasian Incorporated have, however, recently lost track of a half French, half Japanese Agent, born and raised within Corporate accommodation.

The Child

Raised in corporate spire accommodation and sent to a series of E.I. owned boarding schools, Luc was a somewhat troubled child. Even the most cursory glance marked him as different to those around him. Between bullying from his peers and scorn from his elders, Luc withdrew into various intellectual pastimes.

What began as a desire to find out why he was so different, so hated, led to the child discovering snippets of his past and only fueled his curiosity. Ultimately, however, information about his past was too well hidden and his attempts ended mostly in frustration. It was only at the age when children began to be segregated according to talents and the subject matter of his education became challenging that he found a calling.

The Man

Watched silently throughout his education for signs that he might be exceptional, that he might be worth employing as an Agent, Luc showed no real signs until he started studying Medicine at age 17. Shortly into his last year of education, LeBlanc’s pharmacology teacher resigned for personal reasons; Luc went on to achieve top grades in all of his classes, and was officially employed by E.I. as an Agent, to take the role of medic.

For better or worse, the young man found himself in Division EI0302F, reputedly a troublesome lot. At first Luc took solace in the thought that, if they were as bad as some said, he’d find his talents needed with some regularity. More recently, however, with a failed shipping mission leading to their relocation to Venus, a great deal of other curiosities have cropped up and caught his interest.

Luc LeBlanc

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