Alice's Log

A Week in a Life as a Madam

Let’s start at the bar. It was squalid; it was awful; but it was motivating. Upon entering the room, which apparently was meant to be prefixed with the word ‘bed’ – I left. Unfortunately there aren’t many places open at that time of night. Then it struck me. No, not the man sneaking up on me in the alley – he lay slumped against the backstreet wall, his plaid shirt stained with crimson from cleaning my sword. What actually struck me was that old bastion of E.I. money; buildings housing the ladies of the night.

I quickly found a respectable location, lacking the E.I. markings – necessary for my plans. I found the current housemother, and explained what I required: two rooms of the twelve rooms with beds (naturally the best furnished); the members of the staff at my disposal; strict anonymity; and 10% of the takings for the first month – to be negotiated upwards later. In return, I’d restructure the business and help clean any undesirable clients – apparently they’d been having problems. I slept peacefully that night. [+1 contact] In case you’re wondering, the second bedroom I planned to become my workshop and training area – goodbye to furniture; hello zen ambience.

I started the next day analysing the client portfolio. There were four objectives: make myself comfortable; make the local ‘political’ situation more bearable; some cash; and relax. The prior day was very stressful – I had a Dali flashback, did what was necessary with an obnoxious guard, and we all walked away safe and sound. The others are far too passive – it’ll get them nowhere. One thing I learnt from my daddy is: if it feels good do it; doubly so if it also makes money. Back to the portfolio – we had a good roster of local high profile police and UIG clients, so I sent out a selection of special invites’(tasteful pink roses, with a handwritten note requesting their company). By the next day, I had plenty of recorded material. For the moment, the clients will keep returning. Soon, the only three places left for them to go will be here, the local E.I. “House of Fun” and their own marrital beds.

Whilst making some house calls to other seamstress guilds, I noticed Cara with Alex and an undesirable (awful shoes, and I knew he’d smell). Alex saw the man off, however, I felt the need to follow, as did my sword, and it slid gracefully through the ribs, grating against the spine, unfortunately I only had his dirty linen trousers to wipe it on. And he did smell.

After three days, I decided to act and make my first on-site visit. After an awkward (for them, I was fine) conversation with the guards, I came to Captain Hamilton’s office – unannounced, rude as it was. After some discussions, he agreed to lessen the investigation into our group, and suspend any rank droppings whilst he investigated the allegations of the local police and high ranking UIG members of the area. Of course, I supplied him with ample video, emotion, and sound recordings for evidence. [+1 UIG ‘official’ contact]

One of the more homely girls I’ve found has an excellent aptitude for mechanics and metalwork – I’m having her use my workshop to improve a new longsword I picked up from a respectable client’s store. [+Fine longsword?]

And not a high profile gallery in sight – trés décevant. I hope to get to visit the ruins soon – it could be an excellent opportunity to enquire more on the design influences of the ancient architecture on our modern age.

The others have kept their distance – maybe I should invite them to the wine bar I’m thinking of starting in the cellar. (It should make a mint, and bring a new line of clientele to the upstairs business.)

It has been a respectable couple of days, I feel revitalised 2 conviction] [2 xp] 2 looking good – the company of ladies of the night, shows you how to make the best of what you have] [500 cash, 10% of 5000]

Alice's Log

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