Cara's Ravings

Is this thing on? Begin recording Voice activation code delt- oh, it’s already recording. Right, well mission code Foxtrot-Uniform-Bravo-Alpha-Romeo wasn’t quite the resounding success I had hoped for, but I’m sure that command will be understanding given the complexity of the task. After all,  transport missions are often fraught with danger and difficulty and I’m sure that their promise that failure would result in a slow and painful death were exaggerated. Or was that infinitely slow and  excruciatingly painful death…No I’m sure they were just posturing. They wouldn’t kill one of their best teams, and I’m sure I don’t just flatter myself to consider us that.

Anyway, once we’re back in HQ I, as leader of our brave band of troops, will have to file a report so better to catalogue my thoughts for the teams review and debrief now while they’re fresh.

Luke is a bright young lad but he’s a little too naive and willing to be taken in. He takes peoples words far to readily and I’d hate to see that trust betrayed

Alice showed a refreshingly decisive approach to conflict management. She will go far. In fact, once i’m back in the office, I might have a chat with the officers in the diplomatic core. She would go far there.

Alex has great potential and if she can avoid overthinking the situations. If she learnt to go with her gut instinct more like me… but then I suppose that will come with time and experience.

Bob, not technically part of my team but I feel that we will be seeing a great deal more of him over the upcoming weeks. He seems a very open and honest type, I’m sure we’ll have no trouble working with him and I’m good at sensing these things.

Anyway, now that that’s all recorded I can get onto recording some details about Venus for posterity. Well, after a full night’s sleep in a bed which can best described as unpleasant (which reminds me, I must have a word with young Luke. He assured me that the drink he provided for me last night was not alcoholic, but I fear that the barman may have deceived him on that front. These bright young people can be fearfully naive) anyway, where was I? Ah yes, after a night at that dreadful inn I decided to get up bright and early and explore Cythera.

The folk here are terribly helpful, in fact just before lunch I encountered a young man who was positively beside himself to help me explore. He was insisting that I go with him, even when I tried to explain that I had a great deal to do that day and had travelled around the touristy spots . He was so determined to help that he had quite forgotten that he was gesturing with his knife when he told me that I should come with him or I’d regret it. I told him quite plainly that whilst I was certain he would surpass himself as a tour guide, I felt that I had explored all the sightseeing options available to me at that point and I had plenty of official business to be getting on with. Whilst I may, at some future point, feel regret that I had not fully taken up the opportunities for exploration it would be tempered by the knowledge of a job well done to the best of my abilities.

For a moment I was quite certain that he wasn’t going to take no for an answer, but then Alex appeared and spoke to him and he began to understand. She does have a certain way with people that will be very helpful to her career if she can just be certain that she makes a clear assessment of the situation before jumping in. I’ve no doubt that she will be able to gain a great deal from me in that respect. I must also have a word with her about fraternisation with civilians, as I’m sure I heard the words Glasgow Kiss in her conversation with the helpful young man. I’m sure she means well, but I can’t help but be concerned that she will get her heart broken if she gets too attached.

Anyway after that I began the vitally important task of restocking the stationary cupboard, after all one can never have too many pencils. As we don’t actually have a stationary cupboard, I restrained myself to the bare minimum – pencils, rubbers, sharpeners, stationary requisition forms- but I did get into a fascinating discussion on the merits of various theories of stationary organisation with the shop owner, Wilbert. In the end, to prove the finer points of Colindale’s theory of retail organisation I reorganised the shop with the help of Wilbert’s wife, charming woman.

In the end their takings for the day were almost double what they would expect and they insisted that I join them for dinner to say thank you. It turns out that Wilbert’s wife, Jenna, is a cleaner for the UIG buildings when she’s not helping her husband out in the shop and she told me such fascinating tales. It’s quite refreshing to find out that even in an organisation like UIG the cleaners like to chatter. They’ve invited me to have lunch with them tomorrow and Wilbert mentioned that one of his friends who owns one of the shops on the high street might join us to pick my brains on where is best to put the corn flour in respect to the antique Google glasses to maximise sales. I must go turn my brain to that problem now and see if I can help.

Recording ends

Cara's Ravings

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