Minerva Rises

On the warpath

About half an hour after the events at the UIG Head quarters, the majority of the tv channels, and most large advertising boards announce a brief pause in their usual schedule for an important announcement. The screens briefly go black, and then fade into the U.I.G. logo. They quickly change to a live feed that is obviously a press conference, with Capt Hamilton standing at the podium in front of the gates to the U.I.G. compound

. Wearing her U.I.G. uniform, with a long coat on her shoulders similar to a cape, she stands hunched over the microphones. She obviously hasn’t had much time to prepare, as she is still covered in dust, sweat, and bit of blood.

Everyone goes silent as she starts to speak, “People of Venus. Today we have been attacked and suffered many losses. We are currently unaware of who was responsible, but. It. Will. Not. Happen. Again.”

She holds up a series of images, each are the disguised faces of those involved. “These people are those responsible. We have already found out they were using fake I.D. chips, but fortunately due to the quick work of my team, we have managed to retrieve some DNA of one of the culprits. You will be found.”

“Until these people have been found, security around the city will be tightened, especially on all illegal activities, and on arrivals and departures from the shuttle port. I am sure you will understand these are necessary to catch these criminals and bring them to justice. They currently responsible for the gruesome death of nearly 30 people, around half of them being civilians of one form or another, large amounts of property damage, and for stealing high security property.”

She stops briefly to lean down and pick up a large rucksack, “You will be caught, and you will be punished for your crimes.” Turning towards the crowd slightly more, “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have work to do.” She hits a couple of buttons on the rucksack, and instantly disappears with a pop.

Within the next couple of days, there are already new laws in place across the city, and the security in any risk areas has increased. The new reports that the shuttle port is now only allowing people to leave after a full check on their activities during the past week, whilst a number of underground weapons, drugs & cybernetics dealers have been hauled into jail.

Break In at the UIG

“Sir! We have a security breach in basement section 3 and 4!” The officer stormed into Cpt. Hamilton’s office, resulting in her jumping to her feet and grabbing her gun.

“What’s happened? Who is it?” She speaks with authority and urgency, but visibly relaxes when she realizes its not an assassin.

“2 unknown assailants are currently fighting our men in the corridors of that section, whilst we believe 2 allies have slipped into section 4. Only 1 major causality so far, after one of the members killed Office Beighley with a shotgun blast to the head. The camera is dead in the guard room, but the rest are working.”

Hamilton grabs her PDA and starts flicking through some screens. “It seems that Epsilon 5 is still in Section 4. The rest must have already left.” She flicks a few times again until a camera in section 3 is visible. “Get the medical team ready, They’ve started using explosives. Epsilon 5 should be able to take care of the group. I just hope he doesn’t kill to many of our men.”

“Yes Sir!” The officer salutes and starts to leave the room, talking on his smeeker as he goes. As he does, Paige goes to a cupboard across the room and pulls out a large shotgun. “If they’re aiming for level 4, I bet I know where they’re going. Let’s see who these fuckers are.”

Episode Two - Part 2: New Friends & Foes

“So, just run me through this again?” Elsdon Alden looked quizzically at Frazer, carving into his fresh steak, it’s juices running across the plate.

“If you listened and stopped stuffing your bloody face.” Frazer sighs and flicks his PA, bringing the report back onto the main screen. “This is the report I received earlier today. Took them nearly a full fucking week to actually contact me. If they just played dead, I’d at least fucking understand, but now they’re just taking the piss.” Slamming his fist, the screen shakes, and leaves a small crater on the desk.

“Now Mr Gabel, Please Calm Down.” The voice from darkness sighs, with words drawn out and slow, enunciating every letter.

“My apologies C.E.O.” Frazer Gabel straightens himself up and continues, “Division EI0302F are still on Venus, and continuing to claim they are on a little Archon hunt. They have given minimal details on what they plan to do whilst on Venus, though around 13:00 hours, ET, a payment was made into Miss Eurisota’s account from Lanzas, the bounty hunting organisation.“

“I bet this is them trying to score points back with the U.I.G.” Mr Aldon snarlfed as he waved a fork towards Frazer, “Have they made a report yet?”

“I do not know. The UIG haven’t released an official statement yet, so we shall see in a few days if their ranks drop.” Frazer thumbs through a few documents on his PA. “What are you orders Sir?”

“Pay Them For The Mission. It Will Remind Them We Are Still Watching.”

“Are..” Frazer managed to stop himself midsentence as the figure shifted in his seat. “Of course Sir. I shall pay the credits into their account tomorrow.” Frazer flicks the report off the main screen, leaving the plain desktop background of the E.I. logo.

“Very Well, Now, You Are Dismissed.”

Frazer Gabel nods as Mr Aldon wolfs down the last of his steak. “Thank you Sir.” They speak in unison as they rise from their seats and leave the room.

The door closes behind them as Frazer cracks his knuckles. “Stupid old bastard!” Why are we paying those fucking idiots. They’ll think they can get away with fucking murder!”

“What do you plan to do then? This might not be too bad.” Mr Aldon walks a few paces ahead of Frazer, but keeps him in view out of the corner of his eye.

“True, true. Well, guess I’m going to have to give Them a call then.” And he gives a small, almost sinister, grin.

Episode Two – Part 1: New Friends & Foes

“..on. Dr Christopher Langford’s log. 9th August 2512. 12:06 hours ET.

After yesterdays littler visit from Her new… friends, I was given access to some new expecimental technology from that Eurosita girl. It’s looking ver… no, no, recap recap.

Recap. After performing some services regarding basic augmentation modifications for Division EI Blah blah I don’t care. No. No, Proper logs! Division EI0302F. After perfoming mods for this group, the issue of payment came up. I have been offered the aid of one of their group in medical situations, but also the most intriguing piece of experimental tech. Apparently the Eurosita kid has access to some high security stuff back at E.I. This something being an experimental telepathic chip. From the research notes, this shouldn’t be too horrific to build. Of course not, not for me, I’m amazing, Not like those E.I. morons. Argh, no, professional! * sigh * Anyway, if I can get my hands on some of these materials, I should be able to build on within a week or two. A week if I clear up my calendar. The best part, the Eurorista kid said I could install the chip in her. Information, and a willing test subject. A good…good.g.g.g.good.good day indeed.

The notes seem to suggest that the chip stimulates the area of the brain which is believed to control telepathic powers. They’ve had good results from early testing, but it’s only semi controllable. I’m sure I can make some improvements. Easy easy easy easy enough.
I’ll have to let Her know as well, she’ll be very interested. That’s if she’s not busy with that tablet they’re getting. Should be easy job though, chips are good, and nothing out there. Unless that dumb girl gets them killed. Interesting brain though, very strange, and incorrect. I wonder if I could rewire…I wonder? Of course I could, very simple. Simple. Simple. S…S…Simple.

Ugh, I need my meds. Recording off."

Downtime 1

This will be updated with the activities of the group during the first downtime, when decided upon.

However, a day after you arrived, you each receive an email.

Dear Sir/Madam of Division EI0302F;

This message is notification that you are currently being charged with the following offences;

All Members;
1 Count of Unauthorised Entry in UIG Property – Minus 1 Rank Point
1 Count of Insubordination & Insult to a UIG Member of Staff – Minus 2 Rank Points

Further for Miss Alice Eurosita,
1 Count of Assault upon a UIG Member of Staff – Minus 3 Rank Points.

You have exactly 7 days in order to report to a member of the UIG staff and explain the situation, or we will assume guilty, and deduct the required points from you.

This will drop you to Rank 0 Agents, and render any licenses that require you to be Rank 1 invalid.


Captain Paige Hamilton,
Area Executive, Rank 6,
Venus UIG Branch.

UIG – United International Government.

Episode One - Part 2: An Explosive Meeting
- Transcript of phone conversation between UIG Staff, Captain Paige Hamilton & Sgt Sebastian Shuster -

[Capt. Hamilton] Sgt Shuster , please confirm the details of the incident again that occurred 2 days ago.

[Sgt Shuster] Of course Sir. The offending party teleported into the complex, without prior-authorisation, and when our offices acted as protocol, the offending party attacked me and my men, and fled…

[Capt. Hamilton] My men and I Sgt

[Sgt Shuster] Sorry?

[Capt. Hamilton] You said me and my men. It should be my men and I.

[Sgt Shuster] Are you sure?

[Capt. Hamilton] Positive. I did a brief English degree a few months back.

[Sgt Shuster] Fair enough. The offending party attacked my men and I, and then fled the building.

[Capt. Hamilton] How many people were injured?

[Sgt Shuster] Only myself, I was shot in my main hand shoulder. I have received medical attention, it is nothing major.

[Capt. Hamilton] Very good. And do we have identities of the culprits?

[Sgt Shuster] Yes, they are a known group from Eurasian Incorporated, containing Miss Alice Eurosita, Miss Alex Leslie, Miss Cara Drake and Mr Luc LeBlanc. The fifth member of their team, Mr Vitali Grozni, was not with them.

[Capt. Hamilton] Oh shit, that group?

[Sgt Shuster] Yes, is that going to be an issue?

[Capt. Hamilton] No, no. Nevertheless, in light of their actions, they have exactly 7 days until to explain the situation, or they will all be deducted ranked points for the following offences; for all members of the division, 1 count of unauthorised entry, -2 points and 1 count of insubordination, -1 point. For Miss Eurosita, 1 count of harming a UIG member of staff, a further -3 points. If these are not explained before the end of the time period, each member of the group will be deducted the appropriate points, placing them all as Rank 0 Agents. This will also revoke any relevant licenses from the division that they are not eligible. Does this seem fair Sergeant Major?

[Sgt Shuster] It seems a little low. Is something wrong?

[Capt. Hamilton] In all honesty, I’d be surprised if we get away with those charges on that group. Still, we need to ensure we’re not bullied by the E.I.

[Sgt Shuster] Okay, thank you.

[Capt. Hamilton] That is all. Good luck with your recovery.

- End Transcript -
Episode One - Part 1: An Explosive Meeting

"What the hell do you mean they’ve disappeared?!" Frazer Gabel slammed his hands on the table, knocking his computer tablet flying as he did. He loomed over the messenger, his cybernetic eyes bright blood red with rage, but his pristine black suit and perfect slicked back hair refused to budge.

The young messenger remained calm as Frazer covered him with flecks of spit. "They…well, their ship exploded, and they were gone. Life signs all disappeared shortly before the explosion. Mr Gabel Sir. The Captain of the ESS Poseidon received the group’s S.O.S. at 15:13 ET that a rogue A.I. had blown the engines, and the Pilot was down. Captain Riley responded as protocol, and informed them it would take approximately 30 minutes to arrive. At 15:26 two of the three escape pods were ejected, empty, and the third at 15:32 the third was ejected containing the pilot, and a message from Agent Eurosita. At approximately the same time objects were being pushed out of the loading bay, we now believe this to the Cargo they were carrying. At 15:40, The ESS Poseidon received a message from Agent Leslie that the ship was about to explode, the life signs then disappeared shortly after, followed by the ship rupturing and exploding."

Frazer looks gob smacked at the messenger. "You’re fucking kidding me. I want a full status report as soon as the debris is sifted through. Do we regain any of that cargo? I knew we could trust those idiots on this mission. It was a simple bloody shipment mission, through safe space, and they managed to blow up the ship!"

The messenger nodded, "The debris is currently being examined as we speak, and we managed to retrieve 3 crates of the Cargo after they were ejected in varying directions from the explosion. The Captain and his crew are being… 'debriefed' regarding this as well. The memo that was found on the Pilot was interesting though. It appears to imply that the rogue A.I. was an Archon, and they are following it to take it down. It was brief, and appeared rushed."

Mr Alden leaned forward at this point, "A rogue Archon, on that ship? Why on Earth would it be on that ship?"

Frazer sighed and slumped in his chair again, "It could explain why they apparently disappeared. We have no idea what those bloody things can do. Teleportation or whatever the hell it was is not built into the Ai-Jinn tech either… oh shit; we’re going throw some money at those Chinese bastards to keep this quiet as well."

Mr Alden tapped out a note or two on his computer "I’ll be bringing this up with the U.I.G."

A final figure spoke from the shadow of the room, "You’ll do no such thing Mr Alden. If we can get control of an Archon, it will put us in a very very powerful situation. In the meantime, keep this quiet, and we will see what my daughter and her team can produce. Start producing security sweeps across all our available facilities. If worst comes to worst, we can merely terminate the team. That is all"

The three other men nodded, and silently walked out the room. As the door closed behind them, Frazer swung towards the messenger, and grabbed him by the throat. Mr Alden didn’t turn, but carried on walking.

"You disgusting little shit. You’ll never bring me such news again!" The messenger trembled and nodded as best he could. "Y…yes, o…of course."

Frazer snarled, and clenched his hand slightly. A blade shot out of his wrist, severing the boy’s neck, letting his now headless body drop to the floor. "Yes Sir, you miserable worm."

Mr Alden smiled as Frazer briskly caught up with him, and produced a clean white handkerchief. "You always make such a mess Frazer." Frazer merely grunted as he started to dab his suit clean of blood.


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