Minerva Rises

Break In at the UIG

“Sir! We have a security breach in basement section 3 and 4!” The officer stormed into Cpt. Hamilton’s office, resulting in her jumping to her feet and grabbing her gun.

“What’s happened? Who is it?” She speaks with authority and urgency, but visibly relaxes when she realizes its not an assassin.

“2 unknown assailants are currently fighting our men in the corridors of that section, whilst we believe 2 allies have slipped into section 4. Only 1 major causality so far, after one of the members killed Office Beighley with a shotgun blast to the head. The camera is dead in the guard room, but the rest are working.”

Hamilton grabs her PDA and starts flicking through some screens. “It seems that Epsilon 5 is still in Section 4. The rest must have already left.” She flicks a few times again until a camera in section 3 is visible. “Get the medical team ready, They’ve started using explosives. Epsilon 5 should be able to take care of the group. I just hope he doesn’t kill to many of our men.”

“Yes Sir!” The officer salutes and starts to leave the room, talking on his smeeker as he goes. As he does, Paige goes to a cupboard across the room and pulls out a large shotgun. “If they’re aiming for level 4, I bet I know where they’re going. Let’s see who these fuckers are.”



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