Minerva Rises

Episode Two – Part 1: New Friends & Foes

“..on. Dr Christopher Langford’s log. 9th August 2512. 12:06 hours ET.

After yesterdays littler visit from Her new… friends, I was given access to some new expecimental technology from that Eurosita girl. It’s looking ver… no, no, recap recap.

Recap. After performing some services regarding basic augmentation modifications for Division EI Blah blah I don’t care. No. No, Proper logs! Division EI0302F. After perfoming mods for this group, the issue of payment came up. I have been offered the aid of one of their group in medical situations, but also the most intriguing piece of experimental tech. Apparently the Eurosita kid has access to some high security stuff back at E.I. This something being an experimental telepathic chip. From the research notes, this shouldn’t be too horrific to build. Of course not, not for me, I’m amazing, Not like those E.I. morons. Argh, no, professional! * sigh * Anyway, if I can get my hands on some of these materials, I should be able to build on within a week or two. A week if I clear up my calendar. The best part, the Eurorista kid said I could install the chip in her. Information, and a willing test subject. A good…good.g.g.g.good.good day indeed.

The notes seem to suggest that the chip stimulates the area of the brain which is believed to control telepathic powers. They’ve had good results from early testing, but it’s only semi controllable. I’m sure I can make some improvements. Easy easy easy easy enough.
I’ll have to let Her know as well, she’ll be very interested. That’s if she’s not busy with that tablet they’re getting. Should be easy job though, chips are good, and nothing out there. Unless that dumb girl gets them killed. Interesting brain though, very strange, and incorrect. I wonder if I could rewire…I wonder? Of course I could, very simple. Simple. Simple. S…S…Simple.

Ugh, I need my meds. Recording off."



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