Minerva Rises

Episode Two - Part 2: New Friends & Foes

“So, just run me through this again?” Elsdon Alden looked quizzically at Frazer, carving into his fresh steak, it’s juices running across the plate.

“If you listened and stopped stuffing your bloody face.” Frazer sighs and flicks his PA, bringing the report back onto the main screen. “This is the report I received earlier today. Took them nearly a full fucking week to actually contact me. If they just played dead, I’d at least fucking understand, but now they’re just taking the piss.” Slamming his fist, the screen shakes, and leaves a small crater on the desk.

“Now Mr Gabel, Please Calm Down.” The voice from darkness sighs, with words drawn out and slow, enunciating every letter.

“My apologies C.E.O.” Frazer Gabel straightens himself up and continues, “Division EI0302F are still on Venus, and continuing to claim they are on a little Archon hunt. They have given minimal details on what they plan to do whilst on Venus, though around 13:00 hours, ET, a payment was made into Miss Eurisota’s account from Lanzas, the bounty hunting organisation.“

“I bet this is them trying to score points back with the U.I.G.” Mr Aldon snarlfed as he waved a fork towards Frazer, “Have they made a report yet?”

“I do not know. The UIG haven’t released an official statement yet, so we shall see in a few days if their ranks drop.” Frazer thumbs through a few documents on his PA. “What are you orders Sir?”

“Pay Them For The Mission. It Will Remind Them We Are Still Watching.”

“Are..” Frazer managed to stop himself midsentence as the figure shifted in his seat. “Of course Sir. I shall pay the credits into their account tomorrow.” Frazer flicks the report off the main screen, leaving the plain desktop background of the E.I. logo.

“Very Well, Now, You Are Dismissed.”

Frazer Gabel nods as Mr Aldon wolfs down the last of his steak. “Thank you Sir.” They speak in unison as they rise from their seats and leave the room.

The door closes behind them as Frazer cracks his knuckles. “Stupid old bastard!” Why are we paying those fucking idiots. They’ll think they can get away with fucking murder!”

“What do you plan to do then? This might not be too bad.” Mr Aldon walks a few paces ahead of Frazer, but keeps him in view out of the corner of his eye.

“True, true. Well, guess I’m going to have to give Them a call then.” And he gives a small, almost sinister, grin.



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