Minerva Rises

On the warpath

About half an hour after the events at the UIG Head quarters, the majority of the tv channels, and most large advertising boards announce a brief pause in their usual schedule for an important announcement. The screens briefly go black, and then fade into the U.I.G. logo. They quickly change to a live feed that is obviously a press conference, with Capt Hamilton standing at the podium in front of the gates to the U.I.G. compound

. Wearing her U.I.G. uniform, with a long coat on her shoulders similar to a cape, she stands hunched over the microphones. She obviously hasn’t had much time to prepare, as she is still covered in dust, sweat, and bit of blood.

Everyone goes silent as she starts to speak, “People of Venus. Today we have been attacked and suffered many losses. We are currently unaware of who was responsible, but. It. Will. Not. Happen. Again.”

She holds up a series of images, each are the disguised faces of those involved. “These people are those responsible. We have already found out they were using fake I.D. chips, but fortunately due to the quick work of my team, we have managed to retrieve some DNA of one of the culprits. You will be found.”

“Until these people have been found, security around the city will be tightened, especially on all illegal activities, and on arrivals and departures from the shuttle port. I am sure you will understand these are necessary to catch these criminals and bring them to justice. They currently responsible for the gruesome death of nearly 30 people, around half of them being civilians of one form or another, large amounts of property damage, and for stealing high security property.”

She stops briefly to lean down and pick up a large rucksack, “You will be caught, and you will be punished for your crimes.” Turning towards the crowd slightly more, “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have work to do.” She hits a couple of buttons on the rucksack, and instantly disappears with a pop.

Within the next couple of days, there are already new laws in place across the city, and the security in any risk areas has increased. The new reports that the shuttle port is now only allowing people to leave after a full check on their activities during the past week, whilst a number of underground weapons, drugs & cybernetics dealers have been hauled into jail.



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